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See Table 1 for the means and standard deviations of the PANAS-X subscale pretest and posttest scores for the racial condition, termed race condition, and the control condition, termed no-race condition.
But testing under race conditions gives us additional information that is not easy to collect during a simulation," says Hartmut Kristen, Head of Porsche Motorsport.
He hasn't had his optimum race conditions for a while and he should get them there.
Couple that wind with cool temperatures in the low 50s and race conditions were causing runners to salivate.
Four miles holds no fears for him whatsoever, nor particularly would heavy ground and I think the race conditions, 0-150, actually suit him pretty well.
Because of her lack of recent success and due to her age, the three-year-old is well treated by the race conditions which has no doubt prompted her shrewd trainer to take up this entry.
Using the data the developer can eliminate race conditions and analyse event relationships, verifying correct program operation.
15) defied top weight in a three-mile handicap at Tralee, beating Berkley by two and a half lengths - and today's race conditions give him a fine chance of scoring again.
I know the next time I am there it will be in race conditions with TV cameras, team managers, the media and thousands of spectators watching,' added Jones.
The race will take place in July but the students will test the mean machine out on Tuesday next week by simulating race conditions and measuring the car's performance.
He started 36th on the grid but, in dry race conditions, picked his way through the field on his Hardinge-Ice Valley Motorsport Honda CBR600RR.