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Before further analysis, we used one-way ANOVA to examine race differences by each individual trauma item, but found that none approached significance.
However, the patterns of AP access in table 2 and AP program size in table 3 are similar, and neither explain the race differences in AP participation very well at all.
Research is limited regarding vision and urinary symptoms in persons with MS, especially regarding sex and race differences.
Thus, if stereotype threat is a viable explanation for race differences, other factors other than these specific perceptions that trigger stereotype threat must exist.
Independent t-test analysis showed significant race differences in SOD, TAC, and PC, but not in TBARS.
In Table 3, we note important within age and across race differences in regards to physical health.
Certainly class and race differences may have stood out for women as being more salient in their daily lives than gender commonalities, but that is hot the same as saying that commonalities did not exist.
She also shows sex and race differences at the skeletal level.
I guess I'm nervous about bringing up like, gender and race differences between me and the students.
Likert-scale responses to all of these items, such as "Men are in charge of relationships" and "'Age and race differences do not matter if the couple is in love.
We have had almost a hundred years of worldwide intelligence testing now, much of it available in Richard Lynn's monumental Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis.