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Although we found a wide range of significant differences between high- and low-ethnic minority schools at the bivariate level, the observed race difference appears to be an artifact of the overlapping of race with other dimensions of disadvantage.
Some data exist on box choice in the general population, but I know of none on phenotypic race differences in this variable, or its individual heritability.
Furthermore, given the lack of evidence regarding the importance of multiple productive roles to race differences in late-fife health, I pose a primary, null research hypothesis:
Similarly, nearly one third of the 165 tests for race differences in vulnerability were highly significant (Wallace & Muroff, 2002).
The constructed and ideological condition of the concept of "choice," the discursive nature of "birthing practices," and the class, gender and race differences that affect those "choices" and practices are never problematized.
The adults are reluctant to speak about race differences in achievement and behavior, and this, the author believes, contributes to the continuance of racial problems.
The majority of people wouldn't be concerned about the race differences.
Billy JOG, Brewster KL and Grady WR, Contextual effects on the sexual behavior of adolescent women, Journal of Marriage and the Family, 1994, 56(2):387-404; Brewster KL, Race differences in sexual activity among adolescent women: the role of neighborhood characteristics, American Sociological Review, 1994, 59(3):408-424; and Brewster KL, Neighborhood context and the transition to sexual activity among black women, Demography, 1994, 31(4):603-614.
Giesen and Cavenaugh (2003), examining RSA FY 1998 data on legally blind clients, reported few overall race differences but striking differences by race-gender combination, notably that a lower percentage of African American females, in comparison with White females, were closed as homemakers.
Race differences in health service utilization have been shown to influence health care costs, and recent research on the Medicare elderly has demonstrated that race disparities are exacerbated by psychological comorbidity (Husaini et al.
to any empirical research on race differences I will describe some of
In the first set of analyses, we test the dependent variables to determine if there are race differences in the reporting of receipt and/or referral of CA.