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It gives scientific legitimacy to the widespread but still controversial notion that certain genetic differences, or markers, correlate precisely with geographic regions and modern racial categories.
One example of a medicine targeted at racial categories is BiDil (fixed-dose isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine), a heart failure drug that was approved specifically for use in blacks.
This study postdates that important ethnic cultural differences exist within racial categories by comparing the gender attitudes of white, Hispanic, Filipino, and Chinese college students.
The reservations expressed in other countries about the definitions of racial categories as well as the use of such data are highly relevant for students of violence.
Many of them are moving from countries where ethnic categories are more important than racial categories or where categorization is not even an issue at all.
Nineteenth-century Latina/os who did not wish to be excluded from the body politic were forced to conform to racial categories based on black/white differentiation (or, after 1870, "Indian" or "Chinese").
Such an exercise ignores not only diversity within racial categories, but also the possibility of people with mixed heritage who may or may not identify with one or the other racial category Legal classification extends further to other areas of governance, defining citizen and state rights, protections and responsibilities.
Even though racial categories may be more mythological than real, the fiction is powerful enough to determine our identifies.
The first has to do with the strategic value of appealing to racial difference, when racial categories are used to perpetuate some social inequality.
Some readers will find his shifts across different genres abrupt and problematic, but an implicit argument of Interracial Intimacies is that the boundaries that define these genres, and the disciplines of criticism that surround them, are no more natural than the boundaries that purportedly fix American racial categories.
California law is very clear, In order for schools to receive financial awards for high performance or to avoid sanctions, they must demonstrate progress for all socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial categories and for students learning English.