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The racial supremacy of Whites is a lie that keeps its legitimacy because it has been used, widely and profitably, to justify the subjugation of people of color on grounds that they are inherently inferior.
German fascism or nazism is an ideology based on the concept of innate, racial supremacy of one peoples over another.
Where the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist was vetted in racial segregation, lynching, and racial supremacy, it was high drama at its best.
There were, too, the subtle and explicit influences of the embodiments of principled and disciplined accomplishment, white racial supremacy notwithstanding, in the embodied persons and teaching of the Negro/black, brown, and white teacher-scholar-artists on the faculties, a number of whom also were pivotal in the movements.
Owens won gold in the 100m and 200m, 400m relay and long jump at the Games attended by Adolf Hitler, who used the Olympics to showcase his ideas of Aryan racial supremacy only to watch African-American athletes dominate the track and field events, the report further said.
Issues discussed in the volume range from ecclesial complicity in racial supremacy to a dichotomous theology of nature and grace with sharp boundaries between church and world, and again from the church's recurrent incapacity to take a prophetic option for migrants to "a whiff of Donatism" in the attitudes of some US bishops to their roles as teachers and leaders.
The one and only thing we have adopted from Nazism is racial supremacy.
Dr Hakim Adi, of Chichester University, said the transatlantic trade was justified by theories of racial supremacy, but it was dreams of riches that ultimately sent Europeans to the African coast.
By grounding its onto-epistemic ideology in race, racial solipsism, and racial logics, NOI validates, reinforces and is immanent in white supremacy's naturalization and normalization of 'race', racial types and hierarchies of racial differences that legitimize racial supremacy and racial subjugation.
9) This sin of which Dame Rebecca West wrote is the sin of universalism wedded to power, the sin of all empires, which invariably are built upon some evangelistic foundation, be it religion, racial supremacy, an economic system (capitalism versus communism), a political system--anything taken to represent a cornerstone of "civilization" according to whoever is justifying the spread of said civilization.
Racial supremacy has no place in the world of politics anymore.
To be Hungarian for me has always been a responsibility (towards my country), that has nothing to do with racial supremacy," Szegedi said in an interview with the party newspaper Barikad.