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Mitchell's Righteous Propagation offers a complex portrait of black responses to Jim Crow, but her work foregrounds their proactive and independent articulations on racial theory, gender, masculinity, imperialism, and the attainment of social, political and economic rights.
Okihiro traces racial theory from the environmental determinism espoused by Aristotle to the later belief that heredity determined racial characteristics.
Much of this hybrid theory can be criticized as being excessively bogged down in theory; it refers to unhealthy quarrels on theories such as racial theory, post colonialism and cultural studies.
Foote's work is regrettably filled with the jargon of postcolonial studies and racial theory, much of which obfuscates as much as it reveals.
In Germany, Nazi racial theory was based on the rejection of traditional Judaeo-Christian ethics, which Nietzsche called the "morality of slaves.