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0, a comprehensive radiation dose management software solution aimed at managing radiation exposure risk to patients and clinicians.
The authors omitted the very important contributions to radiation dose from radionuclides inside the body and from medical procedures.
The dose management solution helps clinicians quantify GE CT systems' practice-level radiation dose using protocol parameters per exam per device, and enables clinicians to develop dose management practices while improving patient radiation dose levels during diagnostic imaging procedures, like CT scans.
The Opitma CT660 has a 64-detector configuration, which results in thinner slices and higher quality images at a lower radiation dose.
We rely heavily on phantom data as a basic calibration to determine radiation dose absorbed by the body during scanning.
Proactively managing radiation dose requires a holistic dose management approach, resulting in the tracking, monitoring and analysis of both machines and patient data, said Agnes Berzsenyi, General Manager, Dose & Education Services, GE Healthcare.
The "Sievert" is a common unit of radiation dose, and one "nanosievert" is one bn th of a sievert).
2, it is observed that peak position of tan [delta] shifts toward the higher temperature side with increasing radiation dose whereas height of tan [delta] peak decreases with increasing radiation dose for all the samples excluding sample CPI-O/TPI-100.
At Imaging Healthcare Specialists, a highly successful program of radiation dose reduction was created, and dose savings of up to 90 percent have been achieved in select patients.
Unfortunately, the more detailed the image, the higher the radiation dose.
She further explained the importance of the workshop saying the risk of high radiation dose during examination can have adverse effect on the biological tissue and can lead to cancer, cataract and other complications later on in patient's life.
Radiation dose is expressed as the absorbed dose in gray (Gy).

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