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The socialism that emerged in the North during the 1890s had roots not only in the radical Liberalism of the previous generation, but in the traditions of the handloom weavers of Pennine Lancashire and Yorkshire a century before.
And though he retired from what had been renamed Blaenau Gwent as long ago as 1992 the spirit of the valleys, which combined with his radical liberalism to produce the firebrand so admired by friends and opponents, stayed with him to the end.
I have presented this passage to build upon my critique of how naive--or how stuck--the authors are in the very not radical liberalism that is unable to accomplish what they claim.
Artist Michael O'Neill said: "I was keen that the four paintings should reflect the breadth of thinking of the United Irishmen and their legacy in the fields of knowledge, culture, radical liberalism and human courage.
Then radical Liberalism, often rooted in religious Nonconformity, emerged as the most attractive option for working-class political activists.
Radical liberalism, agrarian populism and communism all posed significant electoral challenges to overseas social democracy but here labourism was unchallenged.
The main part of this text for undergraduates is devoted to descriptions of eight different political cultures: anarchism, corporatism, oligarchy, classical liberalism, radical liberalism, democratic socialism, communism, and fascism.