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Whilst Keywords for Radicals does not restore all of these entries to its table of contents, it will no doubt relieve the eponymous radicals to at least see Commons, Labo[u]r and Revolution making a comeback.
Radical and radical ion reactivity in nucleic acid chemistry.
Free radicals and associated aging were first proposed in 1956 by Dr.
As the compound generates free radicals, it decomposes, Moeller says, so it remains active only for several days.
Dr Taylor's aim is not so much to write a book about the decline of the British aristocracy as to search out the roots of opposition to them, to fill what he identifies as a significant gap in the historical literature, looking at the contribution of anti-aristocratic politics to popular radical activity in the generation after the failure of Chartism in 1848.
One such group was the African Blood Brotherhood for African Liberation and Redemption (ABB), first announced in the pages of West Indian immigrant Cyril Briggs' radical periodical the Crusader.
When the researchers tested the effects of pollen extracts on cells taken from the lining of the lung, they found that adding NADPH oxidase increased the intracellular levels of free radicals.
At the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, Kathy and fellow SDS radicals planned violent clashes with the police and telephoned bomb threats to hotels.
One of the things we know about free radicals is that regardless of how they are formed, the type of injury they cause conforms to histologic findings seen in aminoglycoside-injured cochleae.
The free radicals generated by strong UV light could destroy the sensitive chlorophyll, but they don't; the plant has its own built-in antioxidants
The first real public triumph of the family law radicals came in Canada.