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Back pain can be divided into four components: mechanical, pathological, referred and radicular pain.
To avoid thermal injury to the motor and large sensory nerve fibres, temperatures in the range of 55[degrees]C to 70[degrees]C were arbitrarily selected for lesioning of the DRGs in patients with radicular pain syndromes (64).
For instance, inhibition of proinflammatory cytokine release may be a key to relieving radicular pain.
Radicular pain relief occurs earlier than neck pain as measured by visual analogue scale.
Procedure-based nonsurgical management of lumbar zygapophyseal joint cyst-induced radicular pain.
Several studies document better results if Lumbar epidural steroid injections are given within the first 1 month of low back pain or radicular pain.
The patient continued with chiropractic care and, at 6-month follow-up (after a total of 20 treatments, including 14 with PIR), the right-sided neck and radicular pain was completely resolved (graded as 0 out of 10).
The patients presenting with radicular pain with MRI done but having adequate canal diameter (>10mm) and foraminal diameter adequate enough to rule out cord/root compression are also included in study.
The discrepancy may be reflective of the general inaccuracy of dermatome maps when it comes to radicular pain.
The median age of all patients was 49 years old, and they presented with symptomatic lumbar degenerative disc disease, with or without radicular pain.