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In the law of Patents, the presence of two pending applications, or an existing patent and a pending application that encompass an identical invention or discovery.

When interference exists, the Patent and Trademark Office conducts an investigation to ascertain the priority of invention between the conflicting applications, or the application and the patent. A patent is customarily granted to the earlier invention.


noun antagonism, antipathy, bar, barrier, censure, check, collision, conflict, contravention, damper, disapproval, disturbance, encumbrance, fetter, frustration, hindrance, impediment, imposition, interception, intercession, intermediacy, interruption, intervention, intrusion, invasion, meddling, nuisance, obstruction, onus, opposition, resistance, restraint, setback, stricture, stumbling block
Associated concepts: contempt, frustration of contract, interrerence with contractual relations
See also: bar, barrier, burden, check, collision, conflict, damper, deterrence, deterrent, disadvantage, dispute, embargo, encroachment, encumbrance, fetter, filibuster, frustration, handicap, hiatus, hindrance, impediment, imposition, infringement, intercession, interruption, intervention, intrusion, invasion, mediation, molestation, nuisance, obstruction, onus, opposition, prohibition, resistance, restraint, veto
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Radio interference remains a genuine problem--and neither using
When numerous 868 MHz devices are running simultaneously, increased risk of radio interference exists," said Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Digi International.
ST Electronics says its AMR radio transceivers are capable of operating up to 10 years on an internal battery, and are resistant to radio interference.
This is a vital benefit for SUIRG members and those considering joining the industry's only organisation dedicated to raising awareness of and eradicating satellite radio interference.
Previously most astronomers might have interpreted such signals as radio interference.
Radio interference which Japanese authorities suspect was caused by the U.
The guidelines iron out some of the regulatory issues on radio interference but they do not go as far as the Commission originally wanted.
They say the noise is not like radio interference and does not bear the hallmark of any known astronomical object.
The note advises that a refusal of planning permission would be unlikely to be justified on grounds of radio interference alone except in extreme circumstances,'' says the report.
However, new European regulations require all electrical products, including toys and household goods, to operate in harmony with each other by not exceeding set limits of radio interference.
The result can be radio interference, and scientists now report what they call the first clear evidence that similar scintillations take place in the ionosphere of Venus.
10 meters but may vary due to obstacles, radio signals, locations where radio interference occurs, magnetic fields from microwave ovens, device sensitivity and/or antenna performance.