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The deal gives the Meredith stationexclusive TV rights holder for the Raiders, starting with the 2017-2018 season and running through 2019.
Watkins, (pictured right), a 22-year-old with a reputation as an agitator and big hitter, started his English National League playing career with Cardiff Devils, moved on to Invicta Dynamos in Kent and is now playing for Raiders.
Understood or not, Jackson's twirling dervish is sure have a place in the series -- and the stadium -- where 28 years ago the Raiders won on the infamous Holy Roller.
Applying the Centennial Savings' principles to the $10 million advance seems to indicate that the Raiders did not have DOI income.
Talk all your trash and, good times and bad times, we're Raiders, I fly my colors year round.
To human eyes, the raiders look slightly undersized.
This is precisely the exercise that a raider goes through in determining whether to bid for a company.
An NFL fan club truck christened the "Raider Avalanche" that graphically celebrates the Oakland Raider Hall of Famers and key team milestones through custom artwork is generating tremendous excitement in both the automotive and football communities.
Against the backdrop of such sunny preseason optimism, the Raiders kick off the second era of head coach Art Shell.
PMI is thrilled to team up with the Oakland Raiders and Habitat for Humanity to make a difference for a deserving family in our East Bay community.
In the city of angels, the Raiders clearly were still the Chicano team of choice.
Semitool's Raider is a single wafer processing tool designed for highest productivity and low cost of ownership and is the fastest adopted tool in Semitool's long single wafer history.