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A chorus of hoarse yells arose from the deck of our own craft: I saw the officers stand suddenly erect in the boat that was approaching us, and I heard loud cries and curses from the raider.
I covered him with my revolver, and at the same instant the torpedo struck the raider, the terrific explosion drowning the German's command to his men.
He played the sport in high school and junior college, follows the Raiders religiously and found a way to make it once a week to the Chargers' training camp in Carson this summer.
PSLs -- which guarantee the same seat location at least through 2005 -- are available in many sections of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, which received a $130 million renovation as part of the deal that returned the Raiders to the "House of Thrills" in 1995.
He even stopped by Oakland Raiders training camp, near Sonoma's Infineon Raceway, last week to get a taste of what being around a Super Bowl team is like.
Net, a national on-line systems developer and consulting firm, announced it will serve as host to the new Oakland Raiders' RAIDERSnet, the official Web site of the Raiders.
SAN DIEGO - Well, after a decades-long search, I guess we've found a California city the Raiders won't yearn to return to anytime soon.
BUSINESS WIRE)--July 11, 1995--More than 6,000 Oakland Raiders fans have turned to the Internet for season ticket order forms in the 12 days that the sites have been on line.
Inside was a white-shirted, newly arrested young Raiders fan with something to say to the onlookers at a neighboring bar.
BUSINESS WIRE)--July 11, 1995--Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris urged 49er owner Eddie DeBartolo today to "continue to demonstrate the championship class which is the hallmark of the 49er organization and offer no objections to, or put impediments in the way of, the Raiders coming home to Oakland.
Dwight Smith was sprinting down the Qualcomm Stadium sideline, right past Gruden, delivering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their final fantastic score and the Oakland Raiders a final, fatal blow Sunday.