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However, most of these companies were out of business by World War II, and in 2009, neither Electro Motive Diesel or GE Transportation, the two largest North American manufacturers of new railroad locomotives, manufacture locomotives that are appropriate for industrial operations.
We are now researching technologies to reduce diesel engine emissions, especially particulate matter, from older railroad locomotives.
Metrolink has noisy, heavy railroad locomotives and massive double-decker passenger cars.
Bridges have been built able to support the weight of M-1 tanks and railroad locomotives out of your garbage.
Railroad locomotives have been regulated by the federal government since Jan.
What we've accomplished with our partners at Rutgers University in developing and marketing a product thus far used in the construction of bridges supporting such heavy loads as M1 tanks and railroad locomotives validates our belief that there's a prominent role for recycled "green" materials in our nation's infrastructure redevelopment and we intend to expand our participation by actively making engineers and architects aware of our abilities.
During Presidents' Day weekend in 2003, a record-breaking snowstorm swept through the state of Maryland dumping a record three-foot snowfall onto the roof of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum's signature building, the National Historic Landmark 1884 Baldwin Roundhouse, causing a partial collapse of the roof and damaging some of the most important railroad locomotives and artifacts in the Western Hemisphere.
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Dimension Unlimited units can be found in a variety of applications including utility and service trucks, scissor lifts, traffic signal, home and business power backup systems, steel mills, railroad locomotives and U.
Years of testing went into the development of the Diesel Fuel Catalyzer for use in all diesel fuel applications including but not limited to railroad locomotives, cruise ships, commercial ships, power generation plants and off road applications in mining and construction.