Rain water

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RAIN WATER. The water which naturally falls from the clouds.
     2. No one has a right to build his house so as to cause the rain water to fall over his neighbor's land; 1 Rolle's Ab. 107; 2 Leo. 94; 1 Str. 643; Fortesc. 212; Bac. Ab. Action on. the case, F.; 5 Co. 101; 2 Rolle, Ab. 565, 1. 10; 1 Com. Dig. Action upon the case for a nuisance, A; unless he has acquired a right by a grant or prescription.
     3. When the land remains in a state of nature, says a learned writer, and by the natural descent, the rain water would descend from the superior estate over the lower, the latter is necessarily subject to receive such water. 1 Lois des Batimens, 15, 16. Vide 2 Roll. 140; Dig. 39, 3; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1608.

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Knee deep rain water was evident in different localities and according to reports some Katcha houses also gave in low lying areas.
JUSTIFICATION: By collecting some of the rain water that otherwise would end up in the ocean, the City~s power plant increases its role in promoting environmental stewardship.
all existing metal down pipes, rain water head and stormwater lines requires water jetting and cctv inspectionand reporting up to council connection point.
A number of streets and tunnels were blocked with rain water causing traffic issues across the city.
ISLAMABAD -- Punjab Metro Bus Authority (PMBA) has imposed ban on taking photographs and pictures of all the stations of Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus routes following publication of reports in newspapers on defects particularly seepage of rain water in metro bus stations.
KARACHI -- KMC staff immediately started drainage of rain water in different areas of the city after rain on Thursdays night and cleared all major areas within a few hours after which any hurdle in the flow of traffic on roads was removed.
A large number of people stuck in rain water and they hardly reached to their work places owing to ongoing rain.
Firstly, good old rain water contains some 30 parts per billion of phosphorus when it visits sugar land.
A municipal worker about to clear the rain water from a Doha street yesterday.
Muscat: Traffic is back to normal in Sohar Al Falaj road after the rain water has started to drain from late Saturday night, residents said.
A rain barrel which captures and stores rain water decreses the demand for treated water and reduces the environmental, long-term damage caused by adding chemicals in treating water.
This system will ensure that rain water is directly soaked into the ground.