Rain water

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RAIN WATER. The water which naturally falls from the clouds.
     2. No one has a right to build his house so as to cause the rain water to fall over his neighbor's land; 1 Rolle's Ab. 107; 2 Leo. 94; 1 Str. 643; Fortesc. 212; Bac. Ab. Action on. the case, F.; 5 Co. 101; 2 Rolle, Ab. 565, 1. 10; 1 Com. Dig. Action upon the case for a nuisance, A; unless he has acquired a right by a grant or prescription.
     3. When the land remains in a state of nature, says a learned writer, and by the natural descent, the rain water would descend from the superior estate over the lower, the latter is necessarily subject to receive such water. 1 Lois des Batimens, 15, 16. Vide 2 Roll. 140; Dig. 39, 3; 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1608.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Bani Gala, the home of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) also inundated in the rain water for not having a proper drainage system while the road accidents had also increased because of poor visibility and water on the roads.
The rain water not only affected the flow of traffic but it also impacted the people who were going to their job places early in the morning.
The rain water also was accumulated in 12 dams and lakes in the Central Region of the country, which are Mian Al Seji, Old Al Seji, Al Seji barrier 1, Baya, Safsaf dam, Mamdouh, Al Qour, Al Rubqa, Shauqa, where the total amount of collected water reached at 886,000 cubic metres.
Bottled water is rain water that has been naturally filtered and doesn't need gasses added to it to keep it sterile because of the bottling process.
Lahore -- Supreme Court Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Friday expressed anger over misreporting regarding accumulation of rain water at Islamabad New Airport.
A spokesman of the department said on Tuesday that if rain water stands for more than 24 hours in the field it
DADU -- Natural rain water of Nai Gajj has undated many villages of Wahi-Pandhi and it had alaso disconnected road transport for Gorakh Hill station, it was reported here on Wednesday.
rawalpindi -- Torrential rain in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Friday crippled routine life in the twin cities as several areas were flooded with rain water causing damage to property and other household equipment.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- According to the Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW), around 628 million gallon of rain water was conserved in various reservoirs of the country in last two days.
A red alert had been issued for the people living in the catchment areas of eastern rivers or near the rain water drains as the expected Monsoon rains could bring urban flood which would create the havoc for the slum-dwellers, he added.
The CDA management has directed the Director General Works to coordinate with MCI for immediate removal of wild shrubs and trimming of grass especially along the road drainage system which is affecting the proper drainage of rain water.