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Figure 12 illustrates data collection for a storm that contained a narrow coldfrontal rainband [NCFR; see Houze (2014, chapter 11) for a discussion of this type of band].
By anchoring a rainband similar to that during an El Nino, it influences climate around the world through atmospheric teleconnections.
On 4 October 2015, a miniature supercell embedded in an outer rainband of Typhoon Mujigae produced a major tornado in Guangdong province of China, leading to 4 deaths and up to 80 injuries.
1] exhibits a west-east-oriented band extending from southeastern Guangxi to the Pearl River delta area in Guangdong, with the heaviest daily rainfall of 100-200 mm located in the east of the rainband (Fig.
Part IV: Retrieval of the thermodynamic and microphysical structures of a frontal rainband from Doppler radar data.
e] air associated with the SAL was found on the eastern side of the storm wrapping around the northern side, consistent with MODIS AOD observations over preceding days, with a principal rainband marking the boundary between SAL in the outer environment and more moist conditions in the inner core.
During the Rainband and Hurricane Intensity Experiment (RAINEX), airborne Doppler radars captured several snapshots of concentric eyewalls in Hurricane Rita (2005) with unprecedented ~500-m spatial resolution (Houze et al.
The outer rainbands of Paolo may bring scattered light to moderate with possible occasional heavy rains over Bicol region, Visayas and Mindanao,' Pagasa also said.