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Eventually the hurricane becomes a monstrous swirling storm with rainbands stretching hundreds of kilometers across.
The instrument aboard the eight CYGNSS spacecraft will measure surface winds in and near the inner core of hurricanes, including regions within the eye wall and intense inner rainbands that could not previously be measured from space.
The outer spiral rainbands of Henry have started to affect the eastern part of Visayas and Mindanao, but the storm is not forecast to make landfall, Jun Galang, weather forecaster of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration told INQUIRER.
Microwave sensors (imagers and sounders) in low Earth orbit (LEO) mitigate some of the IR limitations by their ability to view beneath upper-level nonraining clouds and "observe" rain and convection associated with spiral rainbands and innercore structure that provides critical storm location, intensity, intensity change, and shear data points used both operationally and during field programs and in research studies (Hawkins et al.
Davis, 1976: Mesoscale rainbands in extratropical cyclones.
Tropical cyclone (TC)-spawned tornadoes often occur in the outer rainbands located in the right-front or the northeast quadrant relative to the TC track within a 200-400-km annulus (Edwards 2012; Schultz and Cecil 2009).
For summer, this agreement is probably because the convection scheme is able to (and indeed designed to) simulate time-averaged precipitation, even if the diurnal cycle is incorrect (too strong midday peak) and short-time scale intensity is too weak, and for winter because mean rainfall is dominated by larger-scale dynamical rainbands that are well captured at 12 km.