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Determined to serve the forty-five day jail sentence rather than pay the fine, King would later say that after spending just two days in jail, he and Ralph Abernathy were "tricked out of jail," when an anonymous person reportedly paid their bail (39, 39n, 510n, 575, 575n18).
Working on Selma gave Domingo a chance to view some civil rights giants, including Diane Nash and Ralph Abernathy, as human-sized.
Ralph Abernathy, Records of the Executive Director and Treasurer, October 6, 1962, Box 34 folder 6, Subgroup II, series III, SCLC Papers.
A person whose house had been bombed, who had been beaten severely, and jailed dozens of times, who Bull Connor wished had been "carried away in a hearse," one of the leading lights of the Birmingham freedom struggle, and who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, along with MLK Jr and Ralph Abernathy, succumbed to health issues.
I thought of civil rights heroes like John Lewis, Robert James, James Forman, Stokley Carmichael, James Farmer, James Bevel, Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy and many more who were subjected to unbearable psychological pressure and physical violence in their journey to demand African-American civil rights.
It was up to members of King's entourage -- among them Young, Jesse Jackson and Ralph Abernathy -- to carry on King's legacy against the changing political climate in the United States: a drift to the right that would elect conservative Republican presidents for 20 of the following 24 years and legal challenges to affirmative action and other civil-rights programs.
Another friend, Ralph Abernathy, who was in the motel room, rushed out onto the balcony, saw King lying there with a gaping wound in the head and said, 'Martin, Martin, this is Ralph.
Woodside Lyndon Baines Johnson John Cullum Coretta Scott King Rachel Leslie James Bevel Jimoun Cole Ralph Abernathy Bryan Hicks
Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ralph Abernathy, Ella Baker, Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Albert B.
Ralph Abernathy, and others were arrested and George spent a number of days in jail--you can see George's mug shot on smokinggun.
Photos picture King sharing a prison cell with activist Ralph Abernathy, Malcolm X delivering a speech, and the sit-ins at Woolworth's in Greensboro, North Carolina.
No wonder, as the names of its proponents, Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, Bud Wilkins, Julian Bond, Ralph Abernathy, James Meredith, Andrew Young, among others, come to mind.