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Detectives believe the same vehicle was used in an attempted ram raid at the Brooklands Garage on Holt Road, Wrexham, at 5.
He described the ram raids as a "worrying development for specialist retailers".
Witnesses say it was the second ram raid on the store in less than two months.
With about 20 armed robberies a year, a ram raid would seem an unlikely cause for hilarity among members of the board of the 57-store chain.
When he receives a fat insurance payout for the bungled ram raid that demolished his shop, the newsagent decides to invest in X-rated merchandise.
A POSTMISTRESS was left shaken after thugs ploughed into the front of her shop during a rush-hour ram raid.
A MAN has admitted helping to ram raid a Midland motorway services in a pounds 30,000 cashpoint heist.
They then used another stolen car to ram raid the North West Hearing Clinic, the newly-opened Riverside Shopping Mall and Keye's Petrol Station.
RAID: Our report of the break-in at the store at the time, right SMASH: The car, left, was driven into Bike Scene in Guisborough as part of a ram raid on the cycle shop.
Officers believe they were using the rail line, which is usually clear at that time, as an escape route from the Newport Road store from where 200 branded outdoor pursuit coats had been stolen in a ram raid using quad bikes.
POLICE today targeted members of a suspected cash machine ram raid gang.
A STOLEN car smashed through the front of a bike shop in a failed ram raid.