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In these same tests, not only were target time series improved, but also time series exposed to random data were unaffected.
We demonstrate the quality of our quasi-interpolatory operator using random data locations on the sphere.
From a distance, an eavesdropper would receive random data and be unable to distinguish between passport data and data from the jammer.
The Mann-Whitney U test was used for the two-sample test between the burrow and random data for the single combined data set.
First, they provide us a method of determining probabilities of occurrences given random data, using Z values and Normal Distribution Tables.
The top section gives the user five choices of random data to plot.
So likewise five random data sets were used in conjunction with their reference fits for this purpose.
In brief, Chaos Theory deals with apparently random results from normal situations but also works in the other direction - finding order in what appears to be completely random data.
Random data loss, where there were unexplained gaps in observed use of services for some subjects during certain periods of time.
Indeed, the human drive to find patterns is so strong that they are often read into perfectly random data.
net web sites, sending to them an endless cycle of random data packets.
As academics we are frequently exposed to research situations where if we crunch random data hard enough, we'll be able to "discover" patterns.