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RANGE. This word is used in the land laws of the United States to designate the order of the location of such lands, and in patents from the United States to individuals they are described as being within a certain range.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The inclusion criteria for the study was patients having cervical pain and limitation of cervical range of motion, in both male and female with age ranging 25-50 years.
The criterion comparison was lumbar lateral flexion range of motion testing using dual digital inclinometry.
Glenohumeral joint: internal and external rotation range of motion in javelin throwers.
On the first visit, after being informed of the risks and benefits, the subjects read and signed an informed consent form and underwent an anthropometric assessment that was followed by a range of motion test.
It is important to maintain a normal range of motion. In a study of military recruits, Amako, et al.
Therefore, the primary aim of this pilot study was to describe the effects of GI on thoracic range of motion and secondarily on lung function, lumbar and cervical range of motion, disease activity, activity limitations, and health perception in patients with AS.
1-B.Lumbar range of motion in the sagittal plane: Between the top of the swing and impact, and between impact and finish, the lumbar range of motion in the sagittal plane was significantly decreased in the HC relative to the WOC and the SC condition, by 6% and 32%, respectively (p < 0.05 each).
The mean range of motion of shoulder flexibility was 138 degrees in our sample, with no difference between men and women.
RealFlex is specifically designed to help maximise your range of motion with clean ergonomic lines and technology for optimal performance.
Paul, Workington, Cumbria AGOOD flexibility is important for maintaining a full range of motion in the joints.