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Teaches the athlete how to move through a complete range of motion into a high angle of release.
What the Runner Really Needs--Functional Range of Motion
The criterion comparison was lumbar lateral flexion range of motion testing using dual digital inclinometry.
Adaptive changes in shoulder range of motion of elite athletes have been found in many sports including baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, and swimming.
Range of motion was assessed in four joint movements of the shoulder: (a) flexion; (b) extension; (c) abduction, and (d) horizontal adduction.
Although normal range of motion is difficult to define, The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and other organizations have provided range of motion normative data; however, there is a lot of variance between the charts.
Based on Gajdosik et al (2005), a 5[degrees] change in knee extension range of motion was considered clinically significant, therefore for 80% power, [alpha] = 0.
In order to become more mobile, look to increase the range of motion around joints that have less than favorable flexibility.
Unilateral hip rotation range of motion asymmetry in patients with sacroiliac joint regional pain.
Does it result in a larger recovery of muscle strength and joint range of motion immediately after the immobilisation period (at 6 weeks) or four weeks after the immobilisation period (at 10 weeks)?
Incorporating the STS in a facility will reduce the number of falls and common injuries associated with limited strength and range of motion.