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RANK. The order or place in which certain officers are placed in the army and navy, in relation to others, is called their rank.
     2. It is a maxim, that officers of, an inferior rank are bound to obey all the lawful commands of their superiors, and are justified for such obedience.

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De metafoor van de spiegel problematiseert bij Coetzee de getrouwe weergave van de "echte" realiteit--om nog eens met Ranke te spreken: de geschiedenis tonen zoals deze werkelijk is geweest, zichzelf oplossen en alleen de waarheid laten spreken.
In literature you are directed to Ranke, White, Bakhtin, drama, women's writing, novel writing and poetry.
Quoting the historian Leopold von Ranke, Churchill pays the historical Pym the highest tribute: "He possessed talents created for times of revolution, capable at once of shaking and destroying existing institutions and of establishing new ones.
Leopold Ranke, son of a lawyer, descendent of Lutheran ministers, student of theology and philology, is the key figure in developing the paradigm of historiographical method inspired on the methods of biblical scholarship and classical philology.
15) Leopold yon Ranke, considered by some to be the father of modern history, said that the historian's spirit needed to become one with the historical spirit that "dwells within the sources.
Puff begins the work by briefly tracing the historiography of early modern sexuality and sodomy, running from the didactic (and ironic) moralizing of Ranke and Burkhardt through the groundbreaking work of Foucault to the latest studies by Michael Rocke, Jonathan Goldberg, and Mark Jordan, to name only a few.
In her textbook of Christian sexual pathology, Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven: Women, Sexuality, and the Catholic Church, Uta Ranke Heinnemann chronicles the attitudes that suffused Christian history).
Ranke, Mary Veronica, "The Application of Learning Sequence Techniques to Private Piano Instruction," Readings in Music Learning Theory, ed.
Birmingham Webxetra LLC Southfield Weir, Manuel, Snyder & Ranke Realtors Birmingham
11) Hancock here rephrases the principle articulated back in 1824 by Leopold von Ranke, concerning the historian's function: to show, as far as he is able, "what actually happened.
Europe's cultural and literary world learned about this small, struggling nation, whose centuries-old oral tradition and folk poems (in their English, German, French, and Russian translations) fascinated Goethe, Jacob Grimm, Ranke, Hugo, Merimee, Pushkin, Mickiewicz, and other literary giants as well as people all over Europe.