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Titled 'The State of Endpoint Security Today', the survey shows the extent to which Indian businesses are at risk of repeated ransomware attacks and are vulnerable to exploits, for which Sophos polled more than 2,700 IT decision makers across mid-sized businesses in 10 countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa and India.
WISNIEWSKI cites the case of 'Philadelphia,' a ransomware variant released in 2016 that is easy to customize and deploy and uses common marketing strategies to reach potential customers.
The scheme to send the ransomware attack from police computers began on Jan.
New variations of the Trickbot banking Trojan featured code that embedded the EternalBlue exploit responsible for the massive WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware outbreaks in Q2.
But the same factors that spur market demand for coverage of ransomware attacks also make the product difficult to underwrite.
Noura Hassan, Egypt's country manager for Trend Micro, said, "we conducted this survey to understand the Egyptian business community's stance regarding ransomware.
The growing confidence of cybercriminals using ransomware is encapsulated by a sharp growth in the average amount of a ransom demand, increasing from $294 in 2015 to $ 1,077 last year.
Most ransomware knows where to hit you hardest - it goes straight for user folders like photos, videos, and documents.
This LIVE Webcast by The Knowledge Group will give a thorough overview of the ransomware epidemic and offer insights and practical tips on how to implement an effective cybersecurity strategy.
You can take steps to prevent ransomware attacks, and you can take other steps now to recover later if you're attacked.
As ransomware attacks continue to escalate in both sophistication and frequency, organizations are working quickly to protect themselves from falling victim to the next attack.
The first ransomware program, ironically named the AIDS Trojan, was distributed via a virus-infected floppy disk to 20,000 attendees of the World Health Organization's International AIDS conference in 1989 (Greene, 2017).