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In relation to the prosencephalon, immunohistochemical studies have shown that serotonergic neurons arising in the dorsal raphe nuclei are projected via the medial forebrain bundle to the striatum and cortex (85).
Balaban, "Organization of projections from the raphe nuclei to the vestibular nuclei in rats," Neuroscience, vol.
Hypocretinergic neurons also send projections into brainstem areas that control various aspects of wake and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (the locus ceruleus, raphe nuclei and reticular formation).
Evidence for a serotonergically mediated sympathoexcitatory response to stimulation of medullary raphe nuclei.
Raphe nuclei (see graphic): A moderate-sized group of nuclei (clusters of neurons) found in the brainstem that releases serotonin to the rest of the brain.