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Critique: An impressively well researched, written, organized and presented regional history, "Thieves, Rascals & Sore Losers: The Unsettling History of the Dirty Deals that Helped Settle Nebraska" features a six page Selected Bibliography and a nine page Index.
The Young Rascals, and then the renamed Rascals, were hitting quite a groove from 1966 to '68 with such memorable hits as "Groovin','' "Good Lovin','' and "A Beautiful Morning.
I believe Rascals Retreat fills a niche in the local market for children to pop for an hour after school, or a morning or afternoon at the weekend.
Fifteen minutes in and the Rascals had turned the game on its head and taken a lead of their own.
I was pleased with the results of the basic recipe, and so I made up a batch of cherry and almond rascals, omitting the spices but adding a handful of white chocolate chips which worked wonderfully with the toasted almonds and dried cherries.
In 2010 Cunningham set up the Frizee Rascals side which trains every Wednesday evening at Brynteg Comprehensive School for 90 minutes.
RASCALS (15) Verdict:DIRECTOR: David Dhawan STARRING: Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn & Kangna Ranaut THE PLOT: Chetan and Bhagat are two competing conmen who recently deceived Anthony (Arjun) on his engagement day.
Indian-Australian model Lisa Hayden will have you re-evaluating the term as she does more than shimmy away in skimpy clothes in Rascals, out today
She is holding a free concert tomorrow at Newcastle's Unitarian Church with her new band Elaine Binney and the Jazz Rascals.
A story we ran on the Rhythm Rascals has prompted a reunion of the old Brum dance troupe of the 1940s.
Alex had already enjoyed huge success with the Arctic Monkeys but the Puppets' achievements have overshadowed Mike's work withThe Rascals, alongside bass player Joe Edwards and drummer Greg Mighall.
MILES KANE is back with The Rascals and he wants the world to know it.