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In terms of physician-reported rash severity, significantly fewer patients (17%) on tetracycline had rashes with grade 2 or greater at 4 weeks, compared with those on placebo (55%).
The unexplained rashes have occurred primarily in children attending elementary school; however, some cases were reported in middle school and high school students.
Skin rashes usually are accompanied by other symptoms such as itching, swelling, and, rarely, pain.
Like a detective, he or she will ask many questions about any previous rashes, whether you have hay fever or asthma, and any other medical problems.
Residents with rashes typically were younger (mean age: 33.
Rashes occur in 5-10% of placebo-treated bipolar patients
Wortman, a pediatric rheumatologist at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, and a dermatologist associate prospectively studied rashes on 64 children with Kawasaki disease and retrospectively studied images of rashes on 102 more.
Prednisone actually increases both the occurrence and severity of nevirapine-related rashes and should not be used.
Babies with sensitive skin are prone to rashes anywhere on their bodies.
Adler and Altman found that pus taken from the students' rashes contained fecal bacteria that had presumably penetrated their skin through hair follicles.