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RASURE. The scratching or scraping a writing, so as to prevent some part of it from being read. The word writing here is intended to include printing. Vide Addition; Erasure and Interlineation. Also 8 Vin. Ab. 169; 13 Vin. Ab. 37; Bac. Ab. Evidence, F.; 4 Com. Dig. 294; 7 Id. 202.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"If you aren't seeing the same level of turns in the traditional items, you have to make assortment judgments concerning those items, to keep the space fresh," notes Rasure. "One of the things we've tried to tell supermarkets is that a healthy part of the category is in wound care."
(41) Despite acknowledging the adverse impacts the project would pose to religious practices and receiving substantive comments from over 2,349 people, ninety-one percent of which were opposed to the project, (42) Forest Service Supervisor Nora Rasure approved the project.
Medline Industries Inc., a major manufacturer of products for hospitals and institutional care facilities, acquired the well-known Curad brand in 2007 and has expanded it into all traditional wound care segments, according to Ann Rasure, vice president of marketing for Curad/Retail in Medline's Primary Care Division.
HoMedic's Shiatsu massage cushion, introduced during the fourth quarter, has been number one in terms of dollars and number five in units for the back and body segment, according to Ann Rasure, group business manager for health and wellness.
Ann Rasure, HoMedics' group business manager for health and wellness, says the fountain epitomizes the company's sensory approach to certain personal care appliances.
Image files were transferred from the scanned TIFF format to the VIFF format of the Khoros system (Rasure and Williams 1991, Konstantinides and Rasure 1994) and then to ASCII format for input to the Grass4.1 geographic information system (GIS), in which scanned images were combined into a mosaic and geographically rectified to the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system.
Members of the Event Committee were: Armand, Czesak, Hunter, and Fife; Heather Fraser, ALA LEED AP, Martinez + Johnson Architects; Mary Rasure, Tutor Perini; Maureen Wamicke, Legrand Northeast; Maijorie Caruso, AEC Repro; Ining Hsu, AECOM; Olga Vinogradova, Esq., and Trish Giaquinto, PWC.