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RASURE. The scratching or scraping a writing, so as to prevent some part of it from being read. The word writing here is intended to include printing. Vide Addition; Erasure and Interlineation. Also 8 Vin. Ab. 169; 13 Vin. Ab. 37; Bac. Ab. Evidence, F.; 4 Com. Dig. 294; 7 Id. 202.

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If you aren't seeing the same level of turns in the traditional items, you have to make assortment judgments concerning those items, to keep the space fresh," notes Rasure.
Rasure points out that this year Curad is moving into a new category for the brand, first aid kits, with three new items.
99 price-point range, Rasure said, the product's $99.
Una nueva gel calmante para que la mujer se rasure es Shave Gel ya que tiene una formula humectante que contiene aloe, vitamina E y aceite de girasol.
Image files were transferred from the scanned TIFF format to the VIFF format of the Khoros system (Rasure and Williams 1991, Konstantinides and Rasure 1994) and then to ASCII format for input to the Grass4.
Members of the Event Committee were: Armand, Czesak, Hunter, and Fife; Heather Fraser, ALA LEED AP, Martinez + Johnson Architects; Mary Rasure, Tutor Perini; Maureen Wamicke, Legrand Northeast; Maijorie Caruso, AEC Repro; Ining Hsu, AECOM; Olga Vinogradova, Esq.
Homedics, Ann Rasure, Senior Product Manager, 248-863-3001, AR.
Rapidamente me bane, me rasure, me cambie de uniforme y me dispuse a conocer a un oficial que nunca habia visto", relato Buzzell en su diario.
HoMedics has plans to ramp up its consumer education efforts, according to Ann Rasure, senior product manager.
notes Ann Rasure, group business manager of the company's health and wellness division, sees such factors as increased stress in daily life, the proliferation of aging baby boomers and an increasing fixation on fighting back the effects of aging as dominant "market drivers" for the company.
Females are definitely our promotional target," acknowledges Ann Rasure, HoMedics Inc.