Rate of exchange

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RATE OF EXCHANGE. Among merchants, by rate of exchange is understood the price at which a bill drawn in one country upon another, may be sold in the former.

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If we change the denar rate of exchange into fluctuating, are we going to have lower credit rates and more credits?
A low rate of exchange is the mother of all evil both in exports and in imports, Caglayan said.
In the chapter on "Rate of Exchange", Ozga touches upon some of the factors that determine the rate of exchange, by removing these from the equation; by imposing the ceteris paribus condition or imposing additional relationships to convert parameters into variables.
The policy of keeping a fixed denar rate of exchange since the home currency has been introduced shows it suits well a small economy such as our own and produces results.
The FCA adds that, "Due to the ongoing fixed rate of exchange, it has been estimated that the Chinese currency is undervalued by approximately 40 percent in relation to the U.
The teller told me it was the policy of the bank to have a different rate of exchange for Scottish notes.