Rate of exchange

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RATE OF EXCHANGE. Among merchants, by rate of exchange is understood the price at which a bill drawn in one country upon another, may be sold in the former.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Kumar (2009) investigates association among macro-economic parameter including rate of exchange and institutional investments of foreign exchange rate with returns in stock in India.
A low rate of exchange is the mother of all evil both in exports and in imports, Caglayan said.
In the chapter on "Rate of Exchange", Ozga touches upon some of the factors that determine the rate of exchange, by removing these from the equation; by imposing the ceteris paribus condition or imposing additional relationships to convert parameters into variables.
oAvailable at at www.travelex.co.uk, it guarantees the most competitive rate of exchange available anywhere in the UK.
The current rate of exchange offered to a friend on holiday recently is 1.36 euros per pounds 1.
The Central Bank will also continue to reduce money in circulation to curtail spending by the private sector, and to force a lower rate of exchange. Malkum sets a target of RD$21.50 - RD$22.00 for the peso rate against the US dollar.
In Quijano, the court held that to calculate a foreign currency gain or loss, an individual had to report the cost and selling price of his residence "at the rate of exchange prevailing as of the date of the purchase and the date of the sale, respectively." Further, the Code's provisions treat the transaction as if the individual had converted dollars into a nonfunctional currency to purchase the house, because the individual has to determine adjusted basis in the functional currency--the dollar.
Police believe the coins -- worth about 50 yen each at the current rate of exchange -- were filed down and exchanged for 500 yen coins by depressing the coin-return levers on the machines.
In this paper, a neural network model is developed to forecast the three-month spot rate of exchange for four currencies: the British pound, the German mark, the Japanese yen, and the Swiss franc.
But the money is paid into his bank account in punts and converted into sterling at the going rate of exchange.
At the time of receipt the rate of exchange is 5.53 French francs per dollar, which means the U.S.
The rate of exchange is 1 [pound] = $1.65 on January 1, 1 [pound] = $1.70 on March 1 and 1 [pound] = $1.60 on May 1.