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Among the items that would be listed on an SEC registration are conflicts of interest, procedures and methodologies used in determining credit ratings, credit ratings performance measurement statistics and procedures for protecting non-public information.
These ratings, in turn, depend heavily upon stability in the assumptions about the likely size and frequency of systemic risk events.
Looking for a way to motivate the city's schools, Kress learned that the district's research staff had tinkered with a school incentive system in the mid-1980s that had used simple value-added ratings. The staff hadn't had the resources to resolve the technical challenges they faced, and they shelved the plan.
The ratings agency has maintained the outlook on Bank Muscat's, HSBC Bank Oman's, BankDhofar's and NBO's long-term deposit ratings at negative.
Euro Bank's IDRs and Support Rating are currently driven by support available from SocGen.
in accordance with clauses 5 and 6 of the annex to the Directive - the levels with the upper limit B + and the lower limit B- according to the international rating scale S & P Global Ratings or with the upper limit B1 and the lower limit B3 according to the international rating scale Moody's Investors Service or with the upper limit "B +" and the lower boundary "B-" according to the Fitch Ratings international rating scale;
The ratings have been placed on Rating Watch Evolving (RWE).
Moody's has withdrawn the ratings for its own business reasons.
Ratings (load waived) do not reflect any applicable sales charges or 12b-1 fees for Class A shares.
For three banks, Moody's downgraded the NSRs as they map directly to the banks' global local-currency (GLC) deposit ratings, which were downgraded.
Dandapani and Lawrence (2007) indicate that an investor uses bond ratings to measure the relative credit risk of bonds.