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Clients can use mobile mind mapping to implement the ABC model during or immediately after adverse situations, but they can also use it daily for storing and readily accessing a database of rational thoughts.
Nevertheless, recent progress in the cognitive science of rational thought suggests that nothing -- save for money -- would stop us from constructing an "RQ" test.
Of course, if a pupil raises it as a hypothesis then a brief discussion as to why creationism is wrong might be appropriate as part of an education in intellectual integrity and rational thought.
Psychological relativity introduces the concept of cognitive accuracy to provide a yardstick for accurate and rational thought and behavior.
Sometimes when you're angry, it feels like you've been invaded by a Body Snatcher who has sucked every ounce of rational thought right out of you.
While this may have been a great strategy for John McGraw, it is now out-dated and is employed more out of tradition than rational thought.
It is emotionally satisfying, even if rational thought suggests it does not work and cannot work.
The Heidlers argue that "mature deliberation and rational thought were always brittle facets of this man's turbulent personality.
Deeply held religious beliefs provide a convenient and all-encompassing excuse that precludes any rational thought and has in the past been used to justify war, torture, burning people alive for heresy and witchcraft, denying women equality with men, blocking access to birth control and family planning information, and beating and murdering gays and lesbians and denying us the same lights as straight people.
Almost 20 years ago, I came across a magazine on a newsstand in Tokyo that, as I read through the first few issues, I discovered to be the first in several decades with an editor (and sometimesa writer) capable of sustained rational thought.
We cannot allow language, which serves as a medium of rational thought, to surrender unconditionally to ideology and dogmata, and thus to be stripped of content and meaning, of reality itself.
Rational thought is treated as the gold standard against which religious belief is found so wanting that it becomes well-nigh inexplicable.

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