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1 holds for any rational orientable homology manifold all whose vertex links are polytopal, namely, are the boundary complexes of simplicial polytopes.
Rationals -- Would rather skip the whole gift giving/shopping process all together.
Aleph-one counts all the real numbers--the rationals plus the irrationals such as pi and the square root of z.
Keirsey (1998) places personality types into four primary categories with each containing four subtypes: Guardian (Supervisor, Inspector, Provider, Protector); Artisans (Promoter, Crafter, Performer, Composer); Idealists (Teacher, Counselor, Champion, Healer); and Rationals (Fieldmarshal, Mastermind, Inventor, Architect).
Over the years his clubs ranged from The Rationals, largely a drinking club, to The Museum, Our Club, The Hooks and Eyes, The Shakespeare, to the esteemed gentlemen's meeting ground, The Reform, to which he was elected shortly before his death.
Because the NT Temperament significantly outperformed the other temperaments, we decided to determine whether there was another mechanism by which we could rank NT Rationals for their relative performance potential.
Although there are goodies galore from the likes of the Knickerbockers, Chocolate Watchband, Mouse & the Traps, and Paul Revere & the Raiders, plus bizarre and long-forgotten numbers by the Humane Society, the Groupies, and the Rationals, this is still a bit much to take in one sitting, especially on an empty stomach.
Arpad Szabo has shown that the theory of rationals in books V and VII-IX of Euclid's Elements originated in Pythagorean music theory (The Beginnings of Greek Mathematics [Dordrecht, Holland: D.