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READING. The act of making known the contents of a writing or of a printed document.
     2. In order to enable a party to a contract or a devisor to know what a paper contains it must be read, either by the party himself or by some other person to him. When a person signs or executes a paper, it will be presumed that it has been read to him, but this presumption may be rebutted.
     3. In the case of a blind testator, if it can be proved that the will was not read to him, it cannot be sustained. 3 Wash. C C. R. 580. Vide 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2012.

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In practice, reading is usually carried out in a rauding status (Carver, 1977) at an individual's preferred reading rate, at which they can effectively assimilate the ideas across sentences at a pace that their cognitive speed allows (Fraser, 2007).
Este investigador describe cinco 'generadores' del proceso, los cuales son, en orden creciente de complejidad: acceso lexico y busqueda de informacion especifica contenida en un texto (scanning), integracion semantica local y lectura rapida para obtener una idea general sobre el texto (skimming), integracion de las oraciones y retencion de la idea principal (rauding o comprension basica), adquisicion de nuevos conceptos y, por ultimo, en el nivel de mayor complejidad, memorizacion de la informacion.
Reading for one second, one minute, or one year from the perspective of rauding theory.