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RAVISHED, pleadings. In indictments for rape, this technical word must be introduced, for no other word, nor any circumlocution, will answer the purpose. The defendant should be charged with having "feloniously ravished" the prosecutrix, or woman mentioned in the indictment. Bac. Ab. Indictment, G l; Com. Dig. Indictment, G 6; Hawk. B. 2, c. 25, s. 56; Cro. C. C. 37; 1 Hale, 628: 2 Hale, 184 Co. Litt. 184, n. p.; 2 Inst. 180; 1 East, P. C. 447. The words "feloniously did ravish and carnally know," imply that the act was done forcibly and against the will of the woman. 12 S. & R. 70. Vide 3 Chit. Cr. Law, 812.

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VVWHAT they say Mouse Morris, trainer of Ravished He ran a good race at Limerick in the Munster National and came out of it well.
His eyes revealed a man who was always ravished with her love.
But while Getz ended his career in majestic style, Baker was a ravished shadow of his former self, relying on personality to make up for lost chops.
Its title illustrates the ambiguities inherent in the vocabulary of rape, which slides from sexual assault (|he ravished her') to implicating the victim's charms (|she was ravishing'), to making the male actor of a victim of his passion (|he was ravished by her'), and finally to imagining her pleasure (|she was ravished').
The Washington Post says about the D's live show "Brandishing acoustic guitars like broadswords and singing artfully profane tales of dragons slain and wenches ravished, they at once skewer and venerate the Iron Maidens and Judas Priests of the world.
And the dreams, in which Catherine is attacked by hunky highwaymen or ravished by Henry were as cream to film for 23-year-old Felicity.
If you would know those things visit the once beautiful Algarve ravished by development.
Sexy, somnambulant, menacing, and menaced, the "by proxy" girls derive from a very long line of female adolescents, from the ravished maidens of Edvard Munch to the naughty dolls of Henry Darger.
Victor is hung up on Elena (the commensurately stunning Francesca Neri), a spoiled crackhead socialite whom he ravished one night in a nightclub toilet.
Yet, his heartfelt heartland images of ravished farms and dysfunctional families rang true for legions of fans.
For instance, a plague, which ravished Cologne in 1553, prompted Weinsberg to erect a small funerary chapel for his wife and himself under the tower.