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Important; affecting the merits of a case; causing a particular course of action; significant; substantial. A description of the quality of evidence that possesses such substantial Probative value as to establish the truth or falsity of a point in issue in a lawsuit.

A material fact is an occurrence, event, or information that is sufficiently significant to influence an individual into acting in a certain way, such as entering into a contract. In formal court procedures, a material fact is anything needed to prove one party's case, or tending to establish a point that is crucial to a person's position.

A material issue is a question that is in dispute between two parties involved in litigation, and that must be answered in order for the conflict to be resolved.

A material witness is a person whose testimony is a necessary element of a lawsuit. An individual who is considered a material witness can be compelled to appear in court and provide testimony. In the event that the person's safety is endangered as a result of his or her planned or actual testimony, he or she may be given legal protection or held in Protective Custody.

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adj. 1) relevant and significant in a lawsuit, as in "material evidence" as distinguished from totally irrelevant or of such minor importance that the court will either ignore it, rule it immaterial if objected to, or not allow lengthy testimony upon such a matter. 2) "material breach" of a contract is a valid excuse by the other party not to perform. However, an insignificant divergence from the terms of the contract is not a material breach.

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Together with the board of the European Investment Bank, the commission has called for the prioritisation of sectors that are strategic to Europe, specifically battery raw material projects that focus on the process of lithium extraction and its conversion to chemicals.
"We are also urging the government not to export raw materials in view of high consumption of these raw materials in our mills.
Dr Onu, therefore, charged research agencies to do further research by taking raw materials from their natural state to products where they could make money, especially in the area of agriculture and solid minerals so that Nigeria will not continue to rely on oil and gas.
Another alternative route is the development of C[O.sub.2] into coatings raw materials. Instead of being emitted into atmosphere C[O.sub.2] becomes part of a closed loop as a raw material for a product which at the end of its life cycle is broken down and reused as a material in another product.
Last year, the Turkmencement Production Association refused to purchase this component from abroad, and now provides industry enterprises with local raw materials needed for the production of high-performance building materials.
Scientifically speaking, most of the raw material that goes into the production of formulations/dosage-forms contain impurities as degradation products or contaminants which are necessarily required to be tested and approved mandatory specifications.
Lord added that Flint Group has secured the raw materials needed to meet customers' sheetfed ink demands.
Scientifically speaking, most of the raw materials that go into the production of formulations/dosage-forms contain impurities as degradation products or contaminants which are necessarily required to be tested and approved mandatory specifications.
Neste, one of the world's leading producer of renewable diesel, is now exploring ways to introduce liquefied waste plastic as a future raw material for fossil refining.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) on Sunday expressed concern over abolishing final tax regime (FTR) for importers of raw materials and termed the imposition of minimum tax at six percent as injustice to them.