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He re-financed Villa and supporters were able to buy shares in the club at pounds 5 each.
Not least: the homeowner does not become an official credit-risk (a major hassle in the US as it will obstruct simple TV purchases, credit card applications, never mind future house purchases); the loan is re-structured in a manner that can be re-financed (many of the adjustable-mortgages turned good-debt into toxic debt as they were founded on the basis that incomes and property prices would rise, and so would mortgage repayments).
If the old board had not re-financed the club by the end of the financial year on June 30, it would have folded like a pack of cards.
United Airlines (Nasdaq: UAUA) has re-financed approximately USD1bn in existing lease and mortgage debt.
After completing a controversial pounds 800m buy-out two years ago, Glazer has already re-financed United's massive debts once and chief of staff Ed Woodward is believed to be working on another re-structuring, which would reduce annual interest payments from a startling pounds 65m a year.
In tandem with the clearing banks and other organisations they re-structure debt, streamline operations and do whatever is necessary to keep the business going while it trades out of trouble, is re-financed or sold to, or merged with, another firm.
Due to the deal, the American corporation has been re-financed by the acquirers, said Agresta.
But now he's playing better than ever as a re-financed Saracens establish themselves among England's elite after years of being also-rans.
One out of three borrowers nationwide transacted at least one mortgage purchase in 1993; many of them re-financed multiple times.
and re-financed a number of AIM companies including Table Mountain
Perth, Australia, Sep 28, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Galaxy Resources (ASX:GXY) is pleased to announce that the initial repayment of the Company's working capital loan to China Construction Bank Limited ("CCB") has been successfully re-financed to September 2013.
To make the euro survive debts would have to be written off, banks re-financed and Germany would have to subsidise weaker economies for up to 20 years.