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Up to pounds 83m was shared between all seven local authorities under the re-financing deal.
Couple this with an anticipated increase in M&A activity and the continued constraints within the banking sector and you have a re-financing 'perfect storm' gathering on the horizon.
David Norman, chief executive for 600 Group, said: "This new re-financing package with Santander Corporate Banking provides us with a solid platform from which we will be able to fulfil our growth ambitions as we continue to respond to a global increase in demand for our machine tool products.
BEIRUT: Caretaker Finance Minister Raya al-Hasan warned Thursday that a high deposit dollarization rate posed a grave risk to the government's re-financing needs, adding that a debt restructuring plan was currently being designed because the "Central Bank can't continue to finance Lebanon's public debt indefinitely.
According to Clarke, last year's re-financing had allowed Burton's to increase investment in three key areas--brands and own-label in the UK; its export business; and upping capital investment.
Semiconductor solutions provider Conexant Systems Inc (Nasdaq:CNXT) announced on Wednesday a comprehensive re-financing plan designed to improve its balance sheet and address its liquidity needs.
The re-financing of the business has also put paid to plans by chief executive Steve Smith to take early retirement, and he will now stay put for another two years after stating that he would stand down at the end of this month.
The rising cost of re-financing, higher provisions and the slowing down economy have been blamed as the main reasons for the decline, but the figure still represented a 1.
Last year, Kingdom Holding announced the sale of Legacy Hotels Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) for a sale value SR5 billion with sale proceeds of SR740 million going to KHC , Swissotel Sydney in Australia for a sale value SR281 million, re-financing of the Four Seasons George V hotel in Paris with net cash proceeds valued at SR285 million going to KHC , the re-financing of the Hotel des Bergues, Geneva in the amount of SR375 million and announced the sale of the Four Seasons Hotel, London for SR550 million.
Although a re-financing package appeared imminent last week it could not be completed before the airline was over wheel med by the demands of suppliers and creditors.
The firm are seeking a re-financing deal that would allow it to continue trading.
The finance unit will be providing a complete financing solution such as loans and re-financing to its customers in India.