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They point out that the resolution is in large measure a re-statement of language already used in the Quartet Road Map.
Elements Of The Business Plan Start-up Restructuring New Program Primary Audience Funders Funders/internal Internal Use of the Plan Inspiration and Confidence Operational engagement rebuilding Mission Heavy emphasis Re-thinking or Reiterate re-affirmation Need Source of Re-statement or Affirm passion re-affirmation Management Team Small aspect Re-worked team Crucial source an essential of credibility Competitors Lightly Acknowledgement Documented and acknowledge central to realistic credibility Fundraising/ Central Could be central Probably Marketing importance 'pre-sold' Operations Broadly describe Heart of the Detailed plan new plan Financial Plan Broad, difficult Must be data- Mix of to be precise based and projections, compelling hard data
It was more a re-statement of the importance of the laws of the church which historically have been seen by the church as more important than an overriding criminal law.
In the final Chapter, Burch Brown deploys his considerable erudition and focuses his analytical skills in a detailed study of Plotinus, and the re-statement of the category of beauty in the articulation of the Christian enterprise.
A nifty re-statement of Ed McLean's legendary copy, "The list upon which we found your name.
Many, including the RCN and BMA, see the Constitution as a welcome re-statement of the principles of equality and compassion on which the health service is based.
The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers is a restructuring and a re-statement of truths you already know," he says.
A re-statement of the satisfaction-performance hypothesis.
If propositions are mathematically incorrect or vague then it provides an opportunity for the teacher and student to negotiate for an acceptable re-statement of linking words and/or possible re-organisation of the hierarchy.
As a number of examples of specification and clarification of the 1965 text, I would cite Pope John Paul II's re-statement of the conciliar statement with the following: "The first dimension of this (Catholic-Jewish) dialogue, that is, the meeting between the people of God of the Old Covenant never revoked by God (cf.
This, experts have pointed out, is merely a re-statement of the law as it exists.
It is essentially a re-statement of the much-criticized document, Dominus Iesus, issued by the same congregation for doctrine in September 2000, when the present pope was in charge of the congregation.