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The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers is a restructuring and a re-statement of truths you already know," he says.
If propositions are mathematically incorrect or vague then it provides an opportunity for the teacher and student to negotiate for an acceptable re-statement of linking words and/or possible re-organisation of the hierarchy.
As a number of examples of specification and clarification of the 1965 text, I would cite Pope John Paul II's re-statement of the conciliar statement with the following: "The first dimension of this (Catholic-Jewish) dialogue, that is, the meeting between the people of God of the Old Covenant never revoked by God (cf.
Venturing into musical terminology --with all the risks this entails--, John Crow finds in Dona Rosita, the "musical skeleton of statement, contrast, and re-statement of the given theme"; additionally, Crow notes that "variations are afforded by the language of flowers which play up and down the scales of Rosita's emotions like unseen fingers on the harp" (Crow 91).
This, experts have pointed out, is merely a re-statement of the law as it exists.
It is essentially a re-statement of the much-criticized document, Dominus Iesus, issued by the same congregation for doctrine in September 2000, when the present pope was in charge of the congregation.
The third seems to be nothing more than a re-statement of the fourth of the Treasurer's reasons/excuses listed above.
Rise was followed by Cities and the Creative Class, a more succinct though considerably drier re-statement of the same basic ideas.
The speech offered no new policies or course corrections, and for the most part was a re-statement of the ideas and language which Bush has been employing for two and a half years to explain the war and assert that it was an integral part of a broader struggle to protect the US from terrorism.
Delivering accurate bad debt forecasts to avoid re-statement of earnings