RE-DRAFT, comm. law. A bill of exchange drawn at the place where another bill was made payable, and where it was protested, upon the place where the first bill was drawn, or when there is no regular commercial intercourse rendering that practicable, then in the next best or most direct practicable course. 1 Bell's Com. 406, 5th ed. Vide Reexchange.

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Daily fantasy sports, which condense season-long leagues down to a day or two, have become very popular as of late with the ability to re-draft a team and win money every day.
We are now working closely with the platform provider to configure their existing system to EBRD requirements and re-draft our standard documentation suitable for an electronic process, said Richard Gargrave of the Procurement Department.
It also agreed to set up a committee to re-draft the project and take into consideration all the remarks cited by the members of the committee.
Modi is expected to re-draft India's foreign policy.
The National Park Authority said where a home owner wants to remove an old occupancy restriction they will re-draft the agreement.
Can President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi re-draft the political scene to fulfill the aspirations of Yemenis or the majority of them and avoid Yemen entering an unplanned stage?
But Zarif earlier said the Big Six spent most of Friday and Saturday working on the re-draft, which did not make it sound rushed at all.
Zahid said he has constituted a think tank to re-draft the financial package and present it with such a demands which are easily acceptable to the government.
During the session, Yemen and Morocco agreed to revise the protocol signed between the two sides and re-draft it in the light of the talk's results to include an increase in the scholarships granted annually to Yemen, new cooperation areas in the scientific research field and exchange of visiting professors.
Francois Hollande announced a re-draft late on Thursday of his plan for a 75 percent tax on income over 1 million euros - an election pledge that was crushed by the Constitutional Council - so that it hits companies rather than individuals.
This team may be asked to re-draft and refresh its strategy and improve upon the lessons having learnt in earlier assembly polls in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.
And the support allegedly goes further than brute force: in another shocking revelation, Mujtahidd claims that Jordan is also helping Kuwait to suppress opposition the 'constitutional way' by sending over 100 judges to re-draft the law in favor of the regime.