RE-DRAFT, comm. law. A bill of exchange drawn at the place where another bill was made payable, and where it was protested, upon the place where the first bill was drawn, or when there is no regular commercial intercourse rendering that practicable, then in the next best or most direct practicable course. 1 Bell's Com. 406, 5th ed. Vide Reexchange.

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The consortium aiming to take control of Stirling Albion is to re-draft its original proposals after a fans'meeting this week.
They must take notes from the producer, re-draft storylines, as well as assisting the writers, script editors and production team on the show.
In addition, a committee was formed to re-draft the federation's statute and bylaw.
The Ministry of Petroleum has formed a joint committee to re-draft the petroleum agreements and to add incentive terms for foreign investors in the petroleum sector.
Where such clauses continue to exist, banks will re-draft them to ensure that they are clear, transparent and limited to the appropriate circumstances.
5th Down Fantasy Football is a season long podcast that is a data driven re-draft show dedicated to giving deep detailed player analysis to give people an extra down advantage to help win fantasy championships.
However, in the face of widespread opposition from the business sector as well as a number of civil society organizations and think tanks, he was forced to make an embarrassing Uturn and re-draft the project (NotiCen, Nov.
LINEARITY: Tablets with gold-wire incisions "crafted" to open the seams of formatted ground; manoeuvres to investigate and maintain the "surface-support" integrity of an artwork; conceptual diagrams that re-draft the picture plane with Modernist tenacity.
The SRC President called on the political council, after being formed, to re-draft the constitution in line with the outputs of the national dialogue conference and also to serve the nation and the people.
The sent letter has strongly urged the need to re-draft rule and entertain in-service personnel only for CEC and ECP so that they would be answerable during their public service as being practiced by leading democracies in Commonwealth.
Finance Minister, Senator Ishaq Dar has constituted an inter-ministerial committee to re-draft tax exemptions worth billions of rupees for a Chinese company under Gwadar Port Concession Agreement and its Free Zone.