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Beijing has denied the existence of "re-education camps" on numerous occasions, insisting that the country is in full compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
The women's detention was part of a larger crackdown that has seen at least one million Turkic Muslims disappear into re-education camps where they are forced to not only ignore but violate Islamic laws and accept Xi Jinping thought, the ideology of China's president, as superior to Islam.
According to experts, over one million Uighurs have been detained in internment camps where they are forced to undergo forceful re-education or indoctrination.
Mystery continues to shroud China's re-education camps, with authorities least interested in opening them up to independent observers.
The piece features interviews of former detainees in which they describe the mantras, self-critiques and punishments they endured in the re-education centres.
Caption: Mirza Imran Baig, 40, said his wife was detained in a "re-education" camp in her native Bachu county.
The UN charged several weeks ago that China is sending Chinese Muslims, mostly from the Uighur (pronounced wee-ger) ethnic minority, to re-education camps.
The large Muslim Chinese community has resisted coercive "re-education" efforts by the authorities, which have progressively restricted religious minorities from observing the basic articles of their faith.
In 2017, the Chinese government put a banner over the facade of the mosque, telling worshippers to 'Love the Party, Love the Country.' Inside, another banner orders all to 'Actively Promote Chinese-Style Islam.' Right outside the town, construction workers began building a massive detainment and re-education center where Uyghur and Kazakh Muslims are to be taken and molded into model Chinese citizens.
The young people still risk being sent to re-education labor camps for using illegal memory cards for entertainment.
Their families, they learned, had disappeared into a growing network of shadowy "re-education centres" that have swept up the region's Uygur Muslim minority over fears of Islamic militancy crossing the border from Pakistan.
Beijing: At least 120,000 members of China's Muslim Uighur minority have been confined to political "re-education camps" redolent of the Mao era that are springing up across the country's western borderlands, a report has claimed.