RE-EXCHANGE, contracts, commerce. The expense incurred by a bill's being dishonored in a foreign country where it is made payable, and returned to that country in which it was made or indorsed, and there taken up; the amount of this depends upon the course of exchange between the two countries, through which the bill has been negotiated. In other words, reexchange is the difference between the draft and redraft.
     2. The drawer of a bill is liable for the whole amount of reexchange occasioned by the circuitous mode of returning the bill through the various countries in which it has been negotiated, as much as for that occasioned by a direct return. Maxw. L. D. ii. t.; 5 Com. Dig. 150.
     3. In some states, legislative enactments have been made which regulate damages on reexchange. These damages are different in the several states, and this want of uniformity, if it does not create injustice, must be admitted to be a serious evil. 2 Amer. Jur. 79. See Chit. on Bills. (ed. of 1836,) 666. See Damages on Bills of Exchange.

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The conventional structure of a foreign exchange swap normally involves two foreign currency monetary exchanges: one at the beginning and one at the expiry date (FX swap involves exchange and re-exchange of foreign currency).
The two countries will re-exchange ambassadors from the Nov.
197 Accumulated Effect from 0 0 0 foreign currency re-exchange Total Net Equity 367.
You may include readings, re-exchange wedding rings and make a selection of personal vows of commitment.
There is even greater injustice in allowing such individuals, in the case of not being able to pay in the place and time established beforehand, to re-exchange the bills of exchange from that place to this one with a new increment.
Foreign exchange in some ports, with re-exchange of most currencies (bills only).
Currency An exchange of two currencies swap: according to an agreement to re-exchange the currencies at the same rate at a specified future date.
October 27, 2008 (KHARTOUM) -- Re-exchange ambassadors between Sudan and Chad will take place from the 7th to the 10th of November, the foreign minister told the Sudanese parliament in Khartoum today.
This concept of African-American originality also pertains to her own ethnography, a form of expression which, like all cultural forms, is the product of what Hurston called "the exchange and re-exchange of ideas between groups" (181).