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Also, several pipe fitters were required to remain on-site during the cleaning process to re-install the meter units.
I had to re-install the operating system and reconfigure the security settings.
Boyd Food Machinery employs specialist engineers to dismantle, remove, refurbish and re-install the machinery ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained at all times.
As companies grow to the next level, they can expand their technology without having to re-install a system or change their business structure.
If disaster strikes, re-install the drive image, and you're malware-free.
Still others want to re-install a shah on the Peacock Throne.
Having lost their training ground in Afghanistan and then their main source of clandestine financial support and weaponry from Saddam, they have converged on Iraq in an attempt to re-install their main supporters by any means possible.
5") provides for a large cable load and allows cables to be added or changed without the need to remove and re-install fire-stopping materials.
If you saved the installation CDs, and if you've kept all your data files in a central folder like "My Documents," you can re-install your applications one-by-one, then move data over using your office network or a pile of disks.
Should the conversion fail then BT will re-install the customer's original service and waive any fees.
No sieve jacks or additional adjustments are required, and no tools are needed to remove or re-install the screen frame.
Liverpool City Council now want to re-install them, as manufacturers ATG Access have produced stronger bollards that are more capable of withstanding damage caused by vehicle strikes.