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Half the book is a re-print of Jennings's Micheal O Cleirigh, Chief of the Four Masters, and His Associates, which first appeared as a series of essays in Assisi in 1931--32 and as a book in 1936.
From this issue onwards we will re-print a Flop Family cartoon for you to enjoy and to get things rolling we have published a bonus cartoon in this edition.
The Bank will re-print 30 trillion dinars (26 billion dollars).
This book is a re-print of the original 1937 publication by Carbery.
Last night Tom's dad Robert gave the Sunday Mercury permission to re-print some of the worst messages and pictures in the hope that it will spur action to stop the trolling campaign.
The Readers Library Film Editions, commencing around the end of 1925, look much like the original re-print or theatrical tie-in novels in the series.
Plus, the school district would have to pay about $32,000 to re-print and mail a new set of tax bills, he said.
They also can re-print the data as posters or billboards, provided that the size should at least be A4, and the font size used not less than that of the original document.
Gaul in opposition of mandatory disclosure, please feel free to re-print it in whole or part.
Karris, Luke: Artist and Theologian: Luke's Passion Account as Literature (New York: Paulist Press, 1987; re-print Wipf and Stock, 2009) 47.
Priced pounds 5, it also includes a re-print of the 1961 home-leg final programme against Rotherham United.
Her decision to re-print this text in the original Italian (and to allow for its publication in English) suggests her own desire to reintroduce it to her audience and finally make it available on a larger, more international scale.