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I can remember only once before when a re-print was ordered - for Linfield against Manchester United in 1979 - but never for an international.
Also available is a gift set containing the 'Spider-Man 2' wide-screen DVD, a postcard collection of "Spider-Man 2" artwork, a limited edition 25-page comic book artists' portfolio, collectible "concept-to-screen comparison" portfolio and a re-print of the Marvel comic book, "The Amazing Spider-Man #50: Spider-Man No More.
I lost the newspaper cutting - can you re-print it?
The Minnesota Historical Society Press (MHSP), has had its autobiographical work 'The Language of Blood' by Korean author Jane Jeong Trenka selected by Barnes and Noble for their 'Discover Great New Writing This Fall' promotion, with MHSP having to re-print the book twice to cover demand.
Through the good offices of Dan Bradford, president of the Brewers' Association of America (BAA) we can now re-print the speech in its entirety.
The re-set and re-print of the papers cost the AQA board an estimated pounds 250,000.
It's got stories of a camping trip to find the lost town of Candelaria (turned out people were still living there), mapping out endless dirt roads with friends and beer and fireworks, sleeping in a hammock in an abandoned stamp mill, and a re-print of some of Nell Murbarger's flowery accounts of ghost town exploration in the 1930s to '60s You also get directions on how to build a UFO out of straws, candies and a laundry bag.
A year earlier, the Indian Taxation Advisory Board, the body that designed the bill, asked permission to re-print a Windspeaker story about the proposed act because it was a detailed account of what would be in the legislation.
Due to many requests, we are happy to re-print that quote in its entirety.
Stephen Orgel's edited re-print is currently out of print.
The $45,000 funding goal of the campaign was set in order to produce the final book in the Sea of Light trilogy as well as re-print the first book in the trilogy, "Sea of Light".
The worker also has access to his documents and can re-print them if they are lost".