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It will be a big treat for Kamal's fans as two of his films are getting re-released.
The re-released DVD version of the film is accompanied by a new documentary, It's STILL Elementary, that presents fascinating "where are they now?
Eighteen of the ``King's'' tracks are being re-released by Sony BMG in succession in commemoration of his life.
Wild Swans' has recently been re-released by HarperPerennial with an updated forward by Chang.
Peter Andre re-released to be a pop star again, was last night number one in the singles charts.
Harcourt Books re-released a hardback, restored edition of this classic.
This arrangement for clarinet quartet recently has been re-released by Emerson.
The issue of media violence remains an ongoing refrain, too, and Steven Spielberg has gone so far as to remove firearms digitally from scenes in the re-released version of ET.
NIST has re-released the Self-Study Manual electronically.
A&B Books has acquired and re-released the self-published Baggage Check by Curtis Bunn.
The film was re-released in 22 cities and since then the Film Circuit has worked with the National Archives, the AV Preservation Trust and other private sector partners to re-release a Canadian classic each year.
In his recently re-released Running and Being, originally published in 1978 with 14 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List, Sheehan examines the running life beyond the physical experience of sweat and muscle to the inner life--the effect of running on the soul and the spirit.