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The cumulative effect is that CBS clearly position the re-versioned episodes as the principal version of the text.
They enable the general population access to a wide range of resources, and because that material is openly licensed, it can be repackaged, mixed, adapted and re-versioned in unexpected ways.
The BBC's appropriation of the blue-chip format from commercial film producers and broadcasters served as a means of streamlining its production of wildlife programming, allowing it to overcome the difficulties inherent in filming wild animals in their natural habitats and simultaneously capitalising on the innate flexibility with which programs using this format could be re-versioned for different markets.
As Johnson argues, branded programs are consciously designed to 'invite multiplicity', in terms of their formats and the multiple ways in which the extended texts of multiplatform programs (incorporating websites, re-versioned and offshoot programs on other channels, promotional clips, books, DVDs and live events) seek to engage audiences (2012: 165).
And the animated show also is an ideal property to be re-versioned or re-imagined for newfangled uses like ringtones and webisodes, which eventually will mean even more moolah for Fox & friends.