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The book explores those subjects and provides a ready reference to the remarkable variety of gastronomical substances available and their many and varied uses.
Many concrete sections (an appendix of drug names; where to get more information; specific nutrition and exercise discussions) make this a ready reference as well as an education on the subject.
I recommend laminating two copies of the R-1 MRC (updated at each Force Revision) and stowing it with each charging assembly for ready reference and also identifying the date your hose hydro expires on your EGL for planning.
A condensed version of the full report is anticipated to be published in a peer reviewed journal as a ready reference for the scientific community.
Their book serves as a ready reference, containing a complete menu of examples and strategies that may be accessed easily via an entree format and numerous websites and other tools.
This a useful text for practitioners requiring a modern ready reference on herbal safety.
It is said to provide a ready reference for comparing materials in the same family, as well as materials in different families.
Brotherhood of Airmen is a useful introduction to the RAAF's history and a handy ready reference.
a printable, on-line handbook that serves as a ready reference for you when facing legal or ethical dilemmas.
Students often ask me how Jewish scholars interpret certain passages in the OT, and now this study Bible becomes a ready reference.
GuruNet performs ready reference very well, but don't expect it to serve you well for inquiries that are outside the range of its appointed function.
They are sometimes kept indefinitely in binders for ready reference.