Real contract

REAL CONTRACT, com. law. By this term are understood contracts in respect to real property. 3 Rawle, 225.
     2. In the civil law real contracts are those which require the interposition of thing (rei,) as the subject of them; for instance, the loan for goods to be specifically returned.
     3. By that law, contracts are divided into those which are formed by the mere consent of the parties, and therefore are called consensual; such as sale, hiring and mandate, and those in which it is necessary that there should be something more than mere consent, such as the loan of money, deposit or pledge, which, from their nature, require the delivery of the thing; whence they are called real. Poth. Obl. p. 1, c. 1, s. 1, art. 2.

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She is the first ever real singer in our entire family, from both sides, who has received an offer and signed a real contract from a real production establishment.
There still isn't a real contract between the government and EDF to build Hinkley Point, as the first of the proposed new nuclear power stations.
He has two years left on the six-year Real contract signed after his world record PS80million move to Madrid in 2009.
They ultimately came to the conclusion that "Ceglia simply replaced page one of the real contract with a new page one doctored to make it appear as though Zuckerberg had agreed to provide Ceglia with an interest in Facebook," according to a statement from the Manhattan U.
They] purport to be real contract manufacturers when in fact they are nothing but brokers or middlemen who compromise quality to make their margin," he said.
We clearly told the investor that the alcohol ban will be mentioned in his construction permit and he initially agreed, but when the real contract was presented, he rejected it.
Without a real contract, the agency really doesn't have a leg to stand on.
The victims of his scam never saw the real contract, apparently accepting Rowe's assurances that he had the right to sell them a percentage of the proceeds.
Becks has agreed a move to LA Galaxy when his Real contract expires in June.
Capello's comments could see Beckham released early from his Real contract, allowing him to join LA Galaxy straight away.
Now -- or sometime in August after his Real contract expires, in a redesigned and yet-to-be-unveiled L.