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The main threat is seen as the potential for a bubble in the sector, and its disconnectedness with the real economy.
But if they felt like cryptocurrency-related froth was too much for them, and they decided to accelerate the pace of rate hikes to cool off speculative excess, then that monetary tightening would have a far greater negative impact on growth in the real economy than would a little targeted regulation.
He also spoke about the fact that the budget stability that is a result of these favourable real economy processes has enabled the advanced financing of EU funding.
Rather than providing a lucrative financial alternative to investing in the real economy, Islamic banking complements and strengthens the latter," Munir says.
8 billion in financing to the real economy, reaching nearly 600,000 clients, the company said.
Speaking at a symposium on the situation of financial institutions and enterprises, Li said banks and other financial institutions should enhance innovation and prevent risks to provide a sound financial environment for the real economy, according to a statement released on Sunday.
Korea and China have made notable cooperation in trade and the real economy.
Senior economist Glenn Levine cited weakness in the real economy as the reason for his pessimism with the third- quarter GDP figures likely to show the economy growing at about 4.
Keqiang highlighted the supporting role of the financial industry in China's real economy.
Following his address to the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), on 23 September, European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi had to field questions on concerns about whether liquidity was reaching the real economy.
Vice Prime Minister Tayirbek Sarpashev, who supervises the real economy sector, was appointed a co-chair to represent Kyrgyzstan.
Finance can play a socially useful and an economically useful function but the focus has to be on the real economy, what it does for businesses making investment, what ultimately it means for jobs in the economy.