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We argue that checking the realizability and conformance properties should be approached in two ways.
6) So philosophers who accept the thesis of the multiple realizability of the mental are challenged by the second quandary even if they are not functionalists.
The problem of (oriented) matroid realizability over the field Q of rational numbers is particularly hard.
u] is set to be a variable parameter, thus not only ensuring the dual-band functionalities of novel hybrid couplers with arbitrary power divisions, but also satisfying the requirements of the size reduction and element realizability.
In the third section, I reconstruct the multiple realizability argument for nonreductive physicalism.
Other epigraphs elaborate on this characterization of Dewey's work through references to "best intelligence," "existing self" and "future self," a declaration of partnership in genesis, and the supremacy and realizability of the good and a life of virtue.
In early 1960s, Putnam introduced the thesis of multiple realizability into philosophy of mind to oppose the mind-brain identity theory which advocates all mental states are identical to undiscovered neural states.
This distinction between function and occupant, the mental state and its physical realizer, leads to the multiple realizability argument, a core element in the functionalist doctrine.
Finally, the insistent motif of the collective--its realizability, its desirability, perhaps even its necessity--poses a sharp challenge to our all-too-frequently compartmentalized and monadic habits of mind and returns us to the very roots of political thinking as such.
Failure to perform and document sufficient procedures related to the realizability of the recorded balance of deferred project development costs.