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Bob Caldwell, the current chairman of the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund and an Orlando Realtor, said the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund was established to help the Realtor family and others in time of disasters not only within Florida but throughout the country.
To be a true realtor one had to live up to a standard of moral qualifications.
In 1923, a joint NAR-led committee approved a textbook series and two-year curriculum; by 1925, people were talking about the need for University-level instruction in "realology," a discussion that presupposed an objective body of knowledge and imagined a future for realtors as the arbiters of American land policy.
Realtors also said a vote for secession would create unprecedented political momentum either to demand reform in the Los Angeles Unified School District or petition for a new Valley school district - addressing one of the leading concerns of families as they consider whether to live in the Valley, they said.
Although Chesterfield County realtors have not reported any major crimes, the initiation of a joint training program between the local law enforcement community and area real estate agents seeks to ensure crime prevention and personal safety.
Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS -- Charlottesville, Va.
Realtors say joining the system will give local homes far greater market exposure and at the same time give residents interested in buying homes elsewhere the ability to shop in other communities from their local real estate office.
There are more than 700 Realtors in Ada County," Ralph's ad read, with a photo.
Before the integration, consumers could only review survey results on social media channels, but they can now easily access this information on realtor.
Michael Schmelzer, Past President of the NYS Association of Realtors and the Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors making the presentation to Gerald Pindus, Affiliate Member of the Year; and William Schur, 2004 BMAR President.
Crowley envisions a greater voice for NYC realtors, thanks in part to local and national legislative efforts on their behalf.
Initially, we were interested in creating an added value program for our own members that would translate to bottom line savings," said John Osta, president, Greater Syracuse Association of REALTORS.

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