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However, others have accepted their nomination and appointment or reappointment as members of parliament.
Eumer Faruk Eminay-aoy-lu, former head of the Judges' Union, has filed a suit at the Council of State for the issuance of a stay and the cancellation of Fidan's reappointment as MyT head.
24) Regarding reappointment, the IRPA states that members "are eligible for reappointment in the same or another capacity.
Market participants took some relief in the news, as it helped eliminate lingering uncertainties about the Fed chief's reappointment that emerged after some Democratic lawmakers expressed opposition to a second term for him.
Clark said the board noted that Chief Baril's appointment was due to expire as part of their reappointment process in June 2010.
We agreed the time was right to consider the next two years, and the reappointment reflects our confidence in them," Hobbs said.
The judicial development in Sindh is a pointer to the government's inclination to use the reappointment route to restore deposed judges at the Supreme Court in Islamabad and at the high courts in the provinces.
Most organisations said the reappointment made sense and provided a stabilising influence at what is a turbulent time for the economy.
Renewing a bid to delay the reappointment of Police Chief William Bratton, Councilman Bernard Parks urged the Police Commission on Wednesday to hold more hearings on the state of the Los Angeles Police Department.
The recommendation further stated that upon staff members' application for reappointment every two years, Children's would offer updated information and knowledge about patient safety, and members must renew their commitment by taking a test again.
There are four vacancies on the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB), with three incumbents eligible for reappointment.
After a four-year term, the judge went before a local district court of appeal nominating commission, and if that commission recommended reappointment, the governor was required, by statute, to reappoint the judge to another four-year term.