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The underlying themes through which the essays of the volume coalesce include Harrington and Clifford's shared concern for the Jewish world of the New Testament and the reappropriation of texts and traditions in new faith contexts.
Elle a egalement ajoute que cette piece theatrale est [beaucoup moins que] une reappropriation de l'histoire de la Numidie [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] une rehabilitation de l'histoire de Massinissa [beaucoup plus grand que], estimant que l'histoire de ce roi telle que rapportee par les Occidentaux [beaucoup moins que] a omis des chapitres imposants [beaucoup plus grand que] du parcours de Massinissa.
Main features: the town of Calonne-Ricouart requested the agency to accompany in its proposed redefinition of municipal strategy in accordance with a necessary reappropriation PLU stopped by the previous municipality.
A'a's transformation from a piece of material evidence of the devilish superstitions of South Seas cultures to icon of Oceanic art, and its reappropriation by the inhabitants of the Pacific themselves (a cast is now proudly exhibited in Rurutu's town hall), bears witness to the ultimate failure of the missionary enterprise to eradicate Polynesian cultures.
Une seconde section decline par la suite les grands themes dans lesquels s'inscrivent les differents projets new-yorkais, et que recoupe PlaNYC 2030 : la mobilite, les espaces publics et leur amenagement durable et intelligent, la reappropriation des rivages--precisement comme lieux publics-, ou encore le logement.
First, Jaeggi rejects the idea that the subject's activity of appropriation is reappropriation.
Though, in her concluding chapter, Ray dwells on a snapshot of a Benares ghat by the photographer Raghu Rai, to demonstrate the contemporary Indian reappropriation of a plural semiotic in Benares, the marks of the colonial picturesque are hardly absent.
The minister said the Supreme Court gave the judgment that there would be no supplementary grants and reappropriation of funds, but after eight months it reviewed the decision that as per Constitution it was right of the federal government to issue supplementary grants.
Such works pit the tropes of incompletion and reappropriation against the rigidity of modern dogma.
Farid Belkahia, laureat de l'Eecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts de Paris dans les annees 50's, qui, depuis son retour au Maroc, est directeur de l'Eecole des beaux-arts de Casablanca de 1962 a 1974, s'engage aux cotes des intellectuels et des artistes pour travailler a la reappropriation du patrimoine marocain dans la creation artistique.
In the second chapter, "Dramas of the In-Between," Berard's analyzes the reappropriation of European canonical texts by Caribbean playwrights.
She is beautifully attentive, for example, to how Reed's 1976 Tom registers a cynical critique of the Black Power movement, while Alexander's later reappropriation of Tom registers the frustration of the civic estrangement that arose after Rodney King's beating.