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Ultimately, these theatrical performance conventions show the way in which theatrical transposition contributes to reappropriation of European texts.
No reappropriation of funds to augment the non- plan heads of expenditure on which cuts have been imposed shall be allowed during the current fiscal.
The conservative reappropriation of Burke brings Maciag to his second theme: for Maciag, conservatism is a vital but junior partner in the American political culture.
Le plus souvent, elle sert deux fins: reveler qu'un processus d'homogeneisation de la culture est a l'oeuvre, ou faire valoir la capacite de reappropriation des objets importes que possedent les communautes locales.
Like others exploring the "post-Internet" condition, Novitskova, an Estonian artist based in Amsterdam, sees that the lines between image and referent, between virtual and real, have been rendered unstable by an insistent reappropriation of all forms of representation.
Cette etude s'inscrit dans une recherche doctorale portant sur l'<< empowerment >> des individus marginalises a travers une reappropriation de leur vulnerabilite.
He focuses, for example, on the reappropriation of Fanon throughout the 1990s, and on the ways in which a kind of Burkeian legacy haunts this project.
He offers a negative (in the photographic sense) of the absent Ugandan state and of its representations, opposing the 'sedimentation' and reappropriation processes of local institutions to the adhocracy of national ones.
Ce plan, a la fois pour luimeme et dans l'utilisation qui est faite de son montage en regard de l'ensemble, nous transmet donc les enjeux relatifs au sujet de Terror in a Texas Town, a savoir la question de la reappropriation d'un pays apres que sa frontier ait cesse d'etre repoussee par les premiers pionniers qui l'habiterent.
In "Ampersand Faith: Re-integrating Liturgy & Life through a Reappropriation of Mystical Theology and Praxis" she proposes that a re-integration of liturgy and life through the reclamation of a more "mystically-oriented" theology and praxis may well serve the struggle for spirituality within the contemporary church that is grounded in the ecclesial mission of word, sacrament, and service.
1) The Habermasian discourse model, centring on a discursive reappropriation of Kant, is a case in point.
b) The reappropriation and diversion of the unexpended balance of an appropriation for a purpose other than that for which the appropriation originally was made.