Rear end accident

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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

i was in an auto accident (rear-ended by commercial large "u-haul" type truck). rendered unconscious-I honestly don't recall impact. driver insure 100% liable. ambulance to hosp, which is where I regai regained consciousness. tests included pulse, blood pressure, & a few questions. i had to convince the nurse/aide that there were pieces of glass in my scalp to get the glass removed. got home, my sis pulled w/tweezers at least 6 more pieces out (all bleeding). as well as glass in ears, down shirt/back, etc. diagnosis-minor abrasions. im still being treated for a myriad of problems resulting from this accident. i noticed when removing hosp id bracelet that it wasnt my name/dob. ive been advised that nothing can be done legally. seeking a legal professional's second opinion about this.


It is certainly possible you have a case based on what you say here; you should take a brief description of these events as well as your medical records to a malpractice attorney and see if the attorney thinks you have a claim; often you need to contact several attorneys to find one to take the case; the review of your case and records is often free and then they will normally take the case on a contingency fee basis if they think you can win;you would pay only if they collect for you.
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Short or a rear end accident, there is likely comparative negligence involved as many low impact losses occur in parking lots, intersections or during lane changes in heavy traffic.
And in the event of a rear end accident, there is a retractable protection net designed to stop anything from the back penetrating the passenger area.
The aim of this programme that Tiff Needell and I were filming was to highlight the dangers of rear end accidents what causes them and, most importantly, how to avoid them.